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Artemisia Ointment 30g Vegan.


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Created following the old ways....

Use Artemisia Ointment to heighten spirit sight, awaken psychic receptivity and recall dreams.

Sacred to Goddess Artemis, after whom Mugwort & Wormwood were named, the deep green leaf tops and silvery undersides indicate their intimate association with the Moon.
Their flowers also reflect the moonlight, which guides the traveller at night, enhancing dreams and revealing intuitive and visionary states of mind.

Contains slow infused herbal oils of homegrown Mugwort & Wormwood, Clary sage, Yarrow, Black Walnut Leaf & Lavender herbs.
Full ingredients listed on tin.

Supplied in a 30g screw top recyclable tin.
Created with Vegan plant wax.

Store away from children and pets. Do not use in pregnancy or while breastfeeding due to the stimulative nature of the herbs.

External use only, do not ingest.