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Hand Poured Scented Soy Wax Melts ~ Vegan ~


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Hand poured soy wax melts. (Snap bars)
Snap off one section and add to the top of an oil burner (do not add water!) lit by a non scented tea light underneath or an electric burner to melt and release the long lasting beautiful fragrances.

Can be re-melted numerous times until the fragrance fades. Burn time varies. Adorned with biodegradable glitter. Approx weight 50g

Fleurs des Morts ~An elegant and faded wreath of rose, lily, jasmine, carnations & violet, embraced by a pale bone musk.

Nevermore ~ A floral heart of violet, black iris & wistful vanilla musk.

Bathory ~ Sweet seduction of Black cherry, Cassis, Clove & Dark Patchouli.

Cloven ~ Oudh, Leather accord (vegan), Incense & Charred woods.

Offering at the Crossroads ~ A bottle of spiced honey mead, tobacco and lit beeswax candles. (vegan).

Sanctum ~ Divine serenity and a comforting stillness ~ Sandalwood, Patchouli & Bourbon vanilla. Ideal for promoting peace, ritual & meditation.

Palm Free. Vegan Friendly. CLP Compliant & Insured.
Wax Melts supplied in a biodegradable pouch.