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Hand Crafted Hazel Wood Athame


  • Image of Hand Crafted Hazel Wood Athame

Hand crafted Athame from a seasoned branch of Hazel Wood.

This beautiful Hazel Athame measures 11 and a quarter inches (28.5cm) and is one of a kind. The Athame you see in my photo is the one you shall receive and features beautiful wood knots and luminescent tones.

I have hand carved a double edged 'blade' and pyrographed (wood burnt) a protective pentagram onto the handle.

Sacred in the Celtic Traditions, Hazel is associated with the earliest ancestors in the British Isles and is known as 'The Tree of Knowledge'. The hazel nut is regarded as a symbol for wisdom and knowledge represented by the concentrated kernal within its hard shell. It is said that the sacred snake has its nest at the root of the Hazel Tree. Snakes are also a symbol of wisdom.

Hazel is an all purpose powerful tree and long associated in folk magick for protection, divination powers, healing, fertility, water magick, abundance, wisdom and success.